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How Are the Hats Made?​

The hats are hand-made on a loom using high-quality acrylic wool.  

Who Makes the Hats?

I'm a ten-year old boy living in Kirkland, WA.  While at home during the Coronavirus pandemic, I was looking for a way to help people, and that's how helping-hats was born. I started by making all of the hats myself, but now my sister (age 15) also helps run the store.

Where Are Proceeds Donated?

All proceeds are donated to Food Lifeline.  My wool and overhead costs are donated, which means every penny of your purchase goes to help feed the community. 

How Can I Get My Hat?

 We offer first-class and priority mail shipping.  We can also arrange for free delivery within our local area.

When Will I Get My Hat?

I am running the site in my spare time outside of school, so I usually prepare orders over the weekend.  I will do my best to let you know if orders will be delayed.

What is Your Return Policy?

Unfortunately, I cannot accept returns.  However, if there is a problem with your hat, please let me know, and I will do my best to arrange a replacement.

Thank you for shopping with us!

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